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  • Foshan Shunde Kingtool Aluminum Doors&Windows Machinery IndustryCo.,Ltd.

    Foshan Shunde Kingtool Aluminum Doors&Windows Machinery IndustryCo.,Ltd.

    SHUNDE kingtool aluminum doors and windows machinery co. , ltd . is a enterprise gathers to research , develop , produce and administer for integration , is a director unit of China Building metals construction association of Developments department , and become the professional standard drafter of internal aluminum quality processing machine in Jun , 1998 , the product besides acquires the title of honor of China splendid product .

  • Million Technology Development Limited

    Million Technology Development Limited

    MILLION TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT LIMITED is unwritten and beauty care products manufacturer specialized in Dental water jet , Sonic toothbrush , Oral irrigator , Christmas Cordless galvanizing candle , galvanic puff , massager and facial beauty products etc ? with a experient and professional ODM/OEM research and development team , that can provide our customers fantabulous schemes and service.Our products are progressively pop in US , Japan , Korea , Germany , Canada and South American .

  • Renxian FuWo Hydraulic Seals Factory

    Renxian FuWo Hydraulic Seals Factory

    Hebei Tianshan Hydraulic Seal Co. , Ltd. Shandong Wantong Dedicated Products Liaoyang Yongjia Cylinder Dedicated Products Dezhou Direction Machine Factory Dedicated Ancillary Products Haiwo Repair Service Station Dedicated Maintenance ProductsHyva [ HYVA ] FC214-5.FC207-5.FC191-4.FC191-5.FC169-4.FC169-3.FC149-3.FC183-5.FC183-4.FC162-4.FC162-3.FC141 -3Taian Yili ; 4TG-E180Shiyan Jiaheng : 4TG-180 4TG-160Shiyan Folk Music : 4TG160Texas Steering Machine ; 4TG-E180 , 4TG-160Kyushu Zhongli : 4TG-E180 , 4TG-E160 , 3TG-E160Liaoyang Yongjia ; 4TG-E180 , Liaoyang star : 4TG-E180 , 5TG-180Linqing Flight : 4TG-E180 , 3TG-125Shandong Wantong : 4TG-180 , 3TG160FAW Pengxiang : 4TG-E180Zhu Cheng Han De : 4TG180Liu Qilong : 4TG-160 , 5TG-185Pro West Dongpeng : 4TG-160 The oil seal is applicable to the hydraulic system of imported and domesticated medium and leaden dump trucks such as Liuzhou Automobiles , Mercedes-Benz Volvo , Dongfeng Lifan , Shaanxi Automobile , Northern Mercedes-Benz , Hongyan Auman , and Renault . Tianshan Hydraulic Sealing Performance Test List1 Cylinder oil seal applicable fluid : universal hydraulic oil2 cylinder oil seal pressure limit : 40mpa3 cylinder oil seal temperature range : -40-120 C4 cylinder oil seal use speed : 0.04 - 1m/s5 Tianshan hydraulic cylinder seals with high-performance long-life imported polyurethane as bleak material , which ensures the seal ring has dependable flexibility and grim deformation value.6 Tianshan hydraulic cylinder seal is comfortable to install , excellent in water resistance , temperature resistance , abrasion resistance and extrusion resistance.7 Tianshan hydraulic cylinder seal asymmetrical double-lip interference squeeze seal design , non affected by pressure fluctuations in the lifting process , first-class sealing performance and stability.8 Tianshan hydraulic cylinder seal dynamical internal lip heel support design , to ensure the compression of the interior lip of the seal ring , double the sealing performance . proficient Parameters

  • Shanghai Junqi Protective Equipment Factory

    Shanghai Junqi Protective Equipment Factory

    Shanghai Junqi Protective Equipment Factory was established in September 2009 . It is a subsidiary of the Junqi Group focusing on the research and development , production and sales of protective equipment . Over the years , we have been committed to the production and research of protective equipment industry , accumulated a lot of worthful experience , and formed a leading team in the field of protective equipment . The factory is registered in the Industrial Park of Fengxian District , Shanghai South Garden . The independent business includes disposable protective masks , third-dimensional masks , disposable aesculapian masks , FFP1 FFP2 FFP3 dust masks , protective clothing , protective cap temperature guns , and early second-class aesculapian device products . Part of the factory 's protective masks passed CE certification and FDA certification , and reached EU EN 149 and US NIOSH testing standards ; some products besides passed Japanese JS-T-8151 testing certification and Australian AS 1716 testing certification standards . Factory-operated FFP2 and FFP3 protective masks fitting European ( CEEN1409 : 2001 ) standards ; their Chinese-standard KN95 KN99 and N95 N99 three-layer protective masks are exported to Southeast Asia , the Middle East , Europe , the United States , and Australia and early countries and regions . In late years , with the development of mellow technology , the company has endlessly developed newfangled varieties and introduced and updated hi-tech bare-assed materials to improve product quality and protection effects to meet user needs.The factory presently has just business contacts with many domesticated and extraneous merchants . We will continue to repay the majority of young and sure-enough customers with fantabulous product quality , effective production efficiency , and fair prices . In the spirit of `` excellence"craftsmanship , the company wholeheartedly serves customers at home and afield !

  • Auto Worldwide Supplier Co. Ltd

    Auto Worldwide Supplier Co. Ltd

    We are The Premiere Worldwide Supplier company . Our company is primarily located in United States , China & Japan . Our company AWSCL : Auto Worldwide Supplier Co. Ltd. is chiefly established in 1990 in United States by Johnson Millis . We supply over thousands of categories of products with quality and care worldwide at efficacious prices and deals.We believe in Honesty , Quality Care & Timely Delivery while supplying the products to our customers .

  • Max Promotion

    Max Promotion

    Few organizations are as committed to working as intemperately as max promotion go to earn your business . No one else has the Brobdingnagian selection of products , the extremely trained customer service people and the promotion experts that are dedicated to your success.Tell us what you need and let us put our resources and experience to work for you ! We provide you with personal assistants dedicated to your projects . We work all the details for you , with a flow chart to control each of your projects , in a well-timed manner . We provide you the best value prices with the fastest production times.Our vast selection , extremely trained promotion experts , personal service and goaded desire to earn your business is what makes us the number one choice in promotional product suppliers !

  • Taima Top Cooling Agent Co.,Ltd

    Taima Top Cooling Agent Co.,Ltd

    Taima top cooling agent Co. , Ltd was founded in 2008 , The company is headquartered with Cooling Agent ws23 Powder research and development centers , quality control testing center . The process of production is in accordance with FDA . The one-year output has already reached 500 tons . As a result of our high-pitched quality products and salient customers service , we have gained spheric sales network reaching the Untied States , Japan , South Korea , Germany , Britain , Australia , Canada and early countries . still , our eminent level of ws23 has accounted 30 % of market . The company has a number of workshops which have ws23 production lines and static quality .

  • Foshan High Point Imp.&Co./Ltd

    Foshan High Point Imp.&Co./Ltd

    FOSHAN HIGH POINT IMP. & EXP.CO. , LTD . is its chair , sofa , office desk , office furniture factory , with its ain self-governing extraneous trade department . Their sore material supply chain , under the premise of quality assurance , control prices , has been recognized by the world buyers .

  • Crane Korea
  • Guangzhou Chuangqi Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd.

    Guangzhou Chuangqi Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd.

    Guangzhou Chuangqi Medical equipment Co. , Ltd. is a subsidiary of Hongkong Adelson International Trade Shares Co. , Limited . By investment of 5 million yuan in Hong Kong head office , the principal business of dental aesculapian equipment and related products . We adhere to the business philosophy of being `` professional , honest and trusty". Devoting to dental aesculapian equipment and auxiliary products and to providing first products with services , we have accumulated years of experience with our integrity and best service , we have got the recognition in this area , and have earned an salient reputation . At present , we have agreement and cooperation with more than 30 companies . Our products are designed by both our professional designers and the production line , as a guide for the principle of verbatim sales , in which the customers acquire unequaled and high-quality products . We aim to help customers being more private-enterprise in the market , thereby expanding market share rate . `` Winning customers trust , being the brand of choice is our goal ; `` professionalism , honesty and trustworthiness"is our business philosophy ; with the most sane price , best service , to provide the best product"is our service aim . We truly welcome you to visit our company or contact us for cooperation !

  • Chonwoo Corporation

    Chonwoo Corporation

    Chonwoo Corp. in Seoul Korea has exhibited all kinds of melodic instruments cases and bags at the Summer NAMM since 1985 in New Orleans Louisiana , USA . Exhibiting endlessly our products at the world largest melodious instrument shows . Namm Anaheim , CA and Frankfurt Musikmesse and Music Chinaas easily as the World largest huntingand shooting goods shows . Shot show in USA and IWA show in Germany . Chonwoo has been for quality , delivery , nices and well-disposed services . Our goal is to serve our customers better to be succesful in their markets . Since 1994 , our Tianjin factory of 3,000m2 building has supported to fulfill our goal more expeditiously . We are doing best to be your most authentic factory.Sincerely B.I . Chong/President

  • Wuxi Paishi Textile Co.Ltd

    Wuxi Paishi Textile Co.Ltd

    Paishi textile company is a grown joint venture and professional home textile prodcuts manufacturer in China , we located in the home textile province Jiangsu.We are factory for the printing and finish products , the independent product is the bedding set , fabric for hometextile and garment , pillow and quilts , curtain and blanket.The material for cotton , polyester or polycotton is no problem for the production.Waiting for your earlier futurer inquiry and please feel costless to let us know if you have any questions about the hometextil , we will try our best to supply a best anwser for you.Have a overnice dayKindly regards RitaSkype : sunny_rita84

  • BHC Navigation CO., Ltd.

    BHC Navigation CO., Ltd.

    ( BHCnav : Best Handheld Creator in Navigation ) was lawfully registered in Beijing in 2004 and headquartered at Zhongguancun , which is considered as the Formosan Silicon Valley . With the purpose to promote the development of China satellite positioning and navigation industry , BHCnav keeps focusing on the field of GNSS development and modernization ...

  • Beijing ZhongKeMeiChuang Science&Technology LTD

    Beijing ZhongKeMeiChuang Science&Technology LTD

    1.The largest manufacturer of wall printing machine in China . As the pioneer , invited by CCTV10 , we offer the best quality with competitory price.2.Customized machine as customers ' requirements.3.Machine in stock , Ship within 5 days.4.One year warranty .

  • Geomax. Misztal - Stateczny sp.j

    Geomax. Misztal - Stateczny sp.j

    we are trading company and we have been present on the mercury and decorative market since 1987.Our recollective experience in the ornamental industry as easily as our monitoringof changing trends has aroused our interest in instinctive products andnature has become the source of our inspiration.Our offer includes comprehensively tested , top quality * bath cosmetics such as rude and bio soaps , bathing salts and goats milk bathing liquids , creams and gels , iodine and bromine shower soaps , oils * body-care cosmetics such as facial , hand and foot creams , and facial masks with peat mudOur top quality products come in aesthetical packaging with lifelike and bionomical designs.All cosmetics manufactured by Global Import Eksport Sp . z o o are developed based on our ain ideas and recipes , with best manufacturing practice , and meet all the requirements of the applicable provisions of law.They are indifferent for the environment , they are non tested on animals , and they contain no GMOs .

  • Medimax Co., Ltd.
  • Johnbirdsales


    All our eggs are shipped along side VX turbo incubators dvd subdued copy and hand manual to guide beginners raised up their parrots successfully.Shipping is usable upon request place order you can contact us on

  • Tangshan Yingdong International Trade Co.,Ltd

    Tangshan Yingdong International Trade Co.,Ltd

    Tangshan YingDong International Trading Co. , Ltd , established in 2008 , was one of the subsidiary corporations of Tangshan Penglai Group , which is an incorporated company has seven subsidiary corporations related to steel products , fireproofing material , and cement products.Located in Bohai Economic Rim of China , near to the Jingtang Port and Tianjin Port , Tangshan YingDong chiefly import iron ore from Australia , Brazil , India , South Africa , and supply to adult mills such as Hebei Iron & Steel Group , Qianan Combined Steel , Delong Iron & Steel Group , Tangshan Tianzhu Group , Tangshan Ruifeng Group , and extending our pioneered commitment from these heroic mills , the regional advantage and resource superiority make us first leader exporter in the steel industry.Tangshan YingDong chiefly offers blanket range of steel products and aluminium profiles products , including pre-painted steel and aluminum coils , morphologic and commercial-grade steel items , deformed steel bars , metallic sheets , beams , bars , pipes , tubes , non-ferrous unsanded material , exceptional steels & alloys , roofing sheet etc.YingDong is accredited with ISO9001-2000 quality system authentication , owning an really professional and nonindulgent technological inspection team to ensure the quality by tracking hale course from producing to shipment . This guarantee our customers get alone the best quality and best business relationship from us.Quality , customer service & societal responsibilities , trust and transparency is the all-important principles that made our products at golden demand in the domesticated and globose markets . All of this made Tangshan YingDong the most up-to-industry highly-developed company and the most altered to outside standards . We will stick on our initial principle and continue make customer satisfaction as our priority , to be your most trusty partner in steel business .